Our Innovations

Client Focused Service!

Customs Clearing

we are dedicated to the service of our customers.
We ensure the satisfaction of our clients through timeous satisfaction of your needs.
We will work with you to clear your goods in the shortest time allowable.
We belive in integrity and stake holder value.

Agency Consulting

We believe in evolving each day to meet the dynamic needs of this services, hence we
have successfully networked ourselves in order to offer Quality solutions to even the
most complex services

Freight Forwarding

Chromefreight Services has years of expertise in the field since it was established
by a highly experienced team. We are presently at all major border posts of Zimbabwe
and we enjoy a network of exclusive partnerships through out the world.
Our global presence ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless service everywhere,
everytime and in every country.

Bonded Facilities

Need Help With Freight Solutions? We Are Experts!